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Lulu's Li'l Market

Grab-n-Go Snacks, Retail Coffee & Teas and Fun Merchandise.

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Gifted at Applegate

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Gift Cards are available for purchase in store! Use for Food, Beverages or in Lulu's Li'l Market for fun Gifts. 

About Us

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We know eating right, on the go, can be hard these days and life isn’t slowing down, so we are going to rev it up! With a versatile menu and prompt service, our goal is to bring you a deliciously fresh, health-conscious menu. We want to get you where you need to go while feeling guilt-free along the way. We also want you happy, motivated and inspired everyday so we are going to keep it creative around here. So whether you need a boost of protein, caffeine or a bit of color to get you going, a relaxing cup of tea and smile to wind you down or just a funky, cool place to hang out, we are here for you!!

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Contact Us

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New hours beginning in May!

We will update our social media when we have more details of the reopening ♥

Beginnning in May!
Wednesday - Saturday

9am - 8pm
Breakfast 9am-11am
Lunch & Dinner 11am-8pm

Beginnning in May!

9am - 4pm

Brunch Specials!

Questions? Comments? Contact us anytime!

We love feedback! Tell us how we are doing online, by phone, or stopping by!